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The kidneys are vital organs that maintain health as they filter toxins, control fluid concentration, acid/base levels, and electrolyte levels.  Additionally, kidneys make red blood cells and are maintain bone health by processing vitamin D and calcium levels.  
Even slight alterations in kidney function can have profound effects on overall health.

HELPFUL LINKS FOR KIDNEY HEALTH EDUCATION – National Kidney Foundation, a major society for all kidney issues with helpful diet, lifestyle information Free virtual and in-person classes for any level of kidney disease

UNC Kidney Health Library- Comprehensive kidney health library provided by the University of North Carolina (Dr. Kumar's training center) – Kidney School, a very helpful website to review kidney disease, dialysis options, and healthy living – Patient Education Provided by DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc.– National Institution of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. 800-891-5390 – National Kidney Disease Education Program. 866-454-3639 – Home Dialysis Central, Information about Home Dialysis Options – Kidney Community Kitchen, Kidney-Friendly Diet and Recipes – Polycystic Kidney Disease Research and Education, with our partners at Emory University

PATIENT ADVOCACY – Medicare Coverage Information. 800-633-4227 – Renal Support Network and Hopeline to connect with other patients. 800-579-1970 – Resources to Help Quit Smoking. 800-784-8669 – Transplant Living Information for all types of transplants. 888-894-6361 – American Kidney Fund, General Information and Financial Assistance. 800-638-8299 – American Association of Kidney Patients, For people of all stages of Kidney Disease. 800-749-2557 – National Institution of Mental Health Resources and Information. 866-615-6464

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